Lenovo V530s Intel i5-8400 8GB 256GB Windows Pro

Lenovo V530s Intel i5-8400 8GB 256GB Windows Pro


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Lenovo V530s Intel i5-8400 8GB 256GB Windows Pro

Business-class and future-ready, the Lenovo V530 is a great choice for progressive IT managers looking for reliable, secure desktops. Design details like easy-access USB ports make users’ lives easier, while powerful 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processing keeps them productive. Security features like Trusted Platform Module 2.0 provide peace of mind. And built-in tools like Lenovo Vantage make system management a snap.

Intel i5-8400



Leading gaming performance and competitive performance

The Core i5 series typically offers enthusiasts the best performance for their dollar. But with those two extra cores, Intel’s highest-end Core i5 is now faster than Core i7-7700K in most games, and even in some applications. This means the Coffee Lake Core i5s basically replace last generation’s Core i7s. Talk about a huge step forward. Now the mid-range chips can backstop top-end GPUs without becoming bottlenecks.

Solid State Drive

Responsive performance, fast boot times, and speedy access to files

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are currently the fastest form of storage available, and can give your system a massive boost in application and OS load times, data-transfer speeds and overall system responsiveness. Their lightning speed comes from using flash memory chips, which unlike traditional hard drives have no moving parts. This makes them more reliable, smaller, lighter and less power hungry, but they can cost significantly more and oftentimes have less capacity.


CPU: Intel i5-8400 6-Core

RAM: 8GB Memory

SSD: 256GB Solid State Drive

GRAPHICS: Intel UHD Graphics 630

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Dimensions (W x D x H)
147 x 276 x 360 mm / 5.8 x 10.9 x 14.2”
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