LENOVO V145-15AST A9-9425 4GB 128GB SSD 15.6″ FHD WINDOWS 10 HOME


LENOVO V145-15AST A9-9425 4GB 128GB SSD 15.6″ FHD WINDOWS 10 HOME


AMD A9-9425
Windows 11 Compatible

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LENOVO V145-15AST A9-9425 4GB 128GB SSD 15.6″ FHD WINDOWS 10 HOME

IT will thank you

The V145’s productivity, security, and reliability are a gift to your IT department. Impressive AMD performance and multiple ports will satisfy your employees, reducing complaints to IT. And IT is bound to feel confident about its data and password encryption and great reliability and durability.

Productivity booster

Watch productivity soar, thanks to this laptop’s 7th Generation AMD accelerated processing units, abundant memory, and optional AMD Radeon™ discrete graphics. Optional dual-drive storage will let you combine the best of solid state and hard disk drives, while the gapless keyboard curtails dust build-up, improving the V145’s life expectancy.

Data guardian

Keep your business data safe with the V145’s Software (SW) Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Together with Windows 10 Pro Bitlocker is set Off by default, which can be turned on by customer.

Comfort keeper

The full-sized ergonomic keyboard and number pad are comfortable to use, as well as spill-resistant. The large one-piece touchpad is convenient and comfortable. And the optional antiglare FHD (1920 x 1080) display helps reduce eye strain.

Connections galore

You can use a host of peripherals, thanks to the V145’s array of ports. Stay connected online with its AC WiFi and Bluetooth® 4.1, and have clear videoconference connections with its HD camera and Dolby Audio™ speakers.

Store all your files

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are currently the fastest form of storage available, and can give your system a massive boost in application and OS load times, data-transfer speeds and overall system responsiveness. Their lightning speed comes from using flash memory chips, which unlike traditional hard drives have no moving parts. This makes them more reliable, smaller, lighter and less power hungry, but they can cost significantly more and oftentimes have less capacity.

  CPU: AMD A9-9425 RAM: 4GB Memory SSD: 128GB Solid State Drive GRAPHICS: AMD Radeon R5 OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 10

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