PIXL CM28GU1 28″ 4K UHD 60Hz Monitor

PIXL CM28GU1 28″ 4K UHD 60Hz Monitor


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Experience colours and clarity like never before with the piXL CM28GU1 4K monitor.

With 4x the number of pixels compared with full HD (8 million compared with 2 million on full HD), you’ll see unbelievable detail through a much broader range of colours that provide huge depth and crisper images on a stylish, big screen.

The piXL CM28GU1 features both HDMI and DisplayPort connections making it ideal for video and picture editing, watching Ultra HD/ 4K videos or web browsing with superior realism. And, thanks to its VESA mounting holes, you can attach it to a wallbracket or monitor arm for the ultimate 4K display.


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